Workshop on Cryogenic Operations for Light Sources

Virtual Meeting

Virtual Meeting


Virtual workshop details

The workshop will be held via virtual form, which is aimed to present and discuss the technological, operability and maintenance experience of large cryogenic system. The topics are intended to include the practical engineering, operational management, failure analysis, performance degradation and techniques that have been found to enhance the reliability and flexibility.


The virtual workshop will be held in two time period. The first time period will be started at 9:00 (pm) on 10th of May to 1:00 (am) on 11th of May (Asia/Taipei). The second time period will be started at 9:00 (pm) on 11th of May to 1:00 (am) on 12th of May (Asia/Taipei). 

Call for presentation

Please confirm the speaker, title and the supplier of the cryogenic system via e-mail ( before 15th of April. Please also send your presentation file before 2nd of May. 


We have allocated a 40 minutes slot per talk. We suggest around 25 minutes talk and 15 minutes for questions and discussions.

We look forward to some interesting presentations and discussions.

The Webex Link

5/10 8:30pm (Asia/Taipei)


Meeting ID: r8bV68kmSgk


5/11 8:30pm (Asia/Taipei)


Meeting ID : weGVjXFt768


You can join the meeting either via Link or meeting ID. Please be reminded that the link for 5/10 and 5/11 is different. Please login from corresponding link for 5/10 and 5/11. The meeting room shall be opened 30 minutes before starting the workshop (start at 9:00pm). You may login to test your microphone and try to share the presentation file from your own computer in advance.

Group photos
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  • Alex Sitnikov
  • Brandon Bozeat
  • Chris Christou
  • Christian Geiselhart
  • Feng-Zone Hsiao
  • Grant Henneberg
  • Harley Berndt
  • Hsing-Chieh Li
  • Huang-Hsiu Tsai
  • James Rose
  • Jeff Wetzel
  • Junghoon KIM
  • Lawrence Pirness
  • liu yiyong
  • Marco Modica
  • Ming-Chyuan Lin
  • Pengda Gu
  • Pietro Zupancich
  • Ping-Shun Chuang
  • Prapaiwan Sunwong
  • Raghu Koneru
  • Shaopeng Li
  • Visitchai Sooksrimuang
  • William Gash
  • xu junjie
  • Zhang Jiehao
  • zhuo zhang